First OpenMIC meeting at Berkeley

In exciting news for openMIC @ Berkeley, last Thursday, June 25th, was the very first workgroup meeting. With a good turnout of students, postdocs, staff and professors we had a lively discussion about FRET imaging: What is it? How is it used? How to avoid pitfalls? And who to contact if you have a question?

The meeting had three sections. We started with a short introduction to the theory behind FRET and applications in quantitative imaging. We then learned about some first-hand experience using FRET to design biosensors (spoiler: the conclusion was it’s a tad complicated). Finally we brainstormed with a postdoc from the Welsh lab on how best to design her experiment and what the optimal methods would be. (See references and links below.)

A couple of photos from the meeting. Pictured above is Marla Feller, Professor of Neurobiology, giving an introduction to her research.

A big thank you to our presenters and attendees. We hope all meetings will be as interactive and practical as the first.

The openMIC is meant to encourage exchanges between microscopists. What do YOU want to hear about? Bring your questions, ideas and preliminary data and get some feedback from the imaging community at Berkeley!


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