2015 Molecular Imaging Center Image Contest

This past Thursday, we hosted the first Open MIC Holiday Party, complete with food, drinks, decorations, music, and, of course, beautiful microscopy images from our inaugural Image Contest!

Before we get to the images, I’d like to acknowledge:

  • Zeiss Microscopy, and in particular, Alex Soell, for generously sponsoring the contest
  • all of the MIC users who entered their images into the contest and made it very difficult for the judges to narrow down the field
  • the judges: Holly Aaron, Christian Gainer, Jen Lee, Mary West, and Judith Yee

Thank you!

And now, without further ado, here are the entrants to the 2015 MIC Image Contest:

And here are the 13 finalists that made it into the 2016 MIC Wall Calendar:

The 13 finalists received a free calendar, and the top 3 images received Amazon gift cards of $50 (3rd), $100 (2nd), and $200 (1st).

The first place winner was Carlos Pantoja, a postdoc from the Isacoff Lab, with his image of neurons involved in escape behavior in zebrafish, taken on the Zeiss LSM 880.IMG_4803


In second place was Kayley Hake, a graduate student from the King Lab. Her submission was of a choanoflagellete rosette colony isolated from Mono Lake, stained for DNA, microtubules, and F-actin. It was acquired using the Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan. IMG_4799

Imaris Snapshot

And in third place was an image taken by Tong Xiao and Beth Carroll from the Chang and Isacoff Labs of a single neuron in a live zebrafish, depth color-coded. It was also taken on the Zeiss LSM 880!


Congrats all!


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