Meeting Recap: “Preparing Figures for Publication”

Example of improper image manipulation (misrepresentation of microscope view). Image from: Rossner and Yamada, 2004, JCB, Rockefeller Press.

On Tuesday, March 29th, we had our first Open MIC meeting of 2016. The topic was “Preparing Figures for Publication”. Although the crowd was small, the discussion was very lively! Everything from ethics, to tiff vs. tif (file format and resolution), to basic graphic design and color schemes was covered.

If you missed it, but are curious about what was discussed, here’s a PDF of the slides.

We hope to make Open MIC meetings a monthly event, so our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 26th. Please email Jen Lee if you have an imaging topic in mind that you’d like to learn about or discuss!


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