Based at the University of California, Berkeley, Open MIC @ Berkeley is a workgroup focused on discussing state-of-the-art research microscopy and quantitative imaging. “Open MIC” is a play on words, being that we’re affiliated with the Molecular Imaging Center, a microscopy core at UC Berkeley, and the idea of an open mic(rophone) session, where people from the community can gather, share their thoughts, and discuss their research.
     What do we mean by quantitative imaging? Most simply, it’s when a researcher wants to convert data into numbers, whether that means counting objects, measuring the size of cells, or determining differences in fluorescence intensity.  We are primarily focused on light microscopy techniques and their applications – including by not limited to confocal, multi-photon, live-cell imaging, FRET, FRAP, FLIM, TIRF, super-resolution, and much more.
       The goals of Open MIC @ Berkeley are:
  • To educate MIC users about Quantitative Imaging (best practices, potential pitfalls, etc.)
  • To facilitate discussion amongst the imaging community at Berkeley
  • To serve as a central resource for information and news on imaging-related matters
  • To increase outreach of the MIC

Comment policy: We welcome comments, but we will only publish those submitted by individuals posting under his/her real name. Spam, advertising, harassment, and posting under pseudonyms will be not be tolerated or published. Thanks!


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